You can now follow Rhys on Twitter, just follow this link

"Rhys Thomas OBE" 


 We picked this up via Rhys's Facebook page ...

Brian Pern Indie Special: Indie Music Season - BBC Four

(Updated 102/10/2015)  

 Rhys Thomas & Tony way have brought you another Podcast, but BE WARNED listeners, they were VERY DRUNK and, lets say the language is somewhat colourful.... Follow this link and ping back your ears.... you were warned Thomas & Way - Podcast 22

 (Updated 13/08/2015) 

Spoof Prog Icon Brian Pern Returning To TV.....Read the full article, just follow this link

Brian Pern in TV return 

(Updated 08/07/2015)  

 A Return for Brian Pern

Simon Day's pompous prog-rock alter-ego Brian Pern is to return for another three-part series in the Winter...... Read on, just follow this link to  The Velvet Onion 

(Updated 01/07/2015)  

An Evening With Brian Pern...

Yes folks you can have an actual evening with Brian Pern, just follow this link to buy tickets:

Brian Pern LIVE.... 

 (Updated 13/06/2015)  

 Hi Folks, it's been a while since we had an update so here is one now.

Rhys Thomas and Tony way have made another Podcast, listen in and enjoy... just follow this link..

Thomas & Way - Podcast Number 21



 (Updated 04/05/2015) 


 For all UK fans Bellamy's People back on UK GOLD, Saturday at 11pm

 (Updated 25/02/2015)

Interview - Rhys Thomas and Simon Day on Brian Pern: A Life in Rock Series Two... Follow this link....

Interview - Rhys Thomas and Simon Day on Brian Pern: 

Interview: Rhys Thomas and Simon Day on Brian Pern: A Life in Rock Series Two

Here is another Brian Pern Interview, this time from from the Velvet Onion....

Onion Talking: Brian Pern 

© BBC / Rory Lindsay

(Updated 08/12/



 Photo added

(Updated 07/12/2014) 

 Brian Pern: A Life in Rock, Series 2 episode 1....

BBC 2, from 9th December 2014, 22:00 to 22:30: 
Spoof documentary following ageing rock star Brian Pern, former frontman of of the progressive rock group Thotch. Brian and his bandmates reunite to discuss the making of their first ever jukebox musical, Stowe Boys. This is not easy as they hate each other. Not only that, on the opening night of the musical, Brian is unexpectedly arrested by officers from Operation Bad Apples for a crime he doesn't know he has committed. Will he make the second half?
Starring: Simon Day, Michael Kitchen, Al Murray, Philip Pope, Rhys Thomas, Paul Whitehouse
(Updated 01/12/2014)

For those of you who follow Queen you will be please to know Rhys has Directed the new Queen Video re-mix, here is the link 

Queen - Let Me In Your Heart Again (William Orbit Mix) [Coca-Cola (RED) Mix Archive Video]  

 (Updated 06/11/2014)

Hi folks we have a little update from Rhys.. He has Just been editing Brian Pern - almost there - Also just finished working on a new Queen video

(Updated 13/10/2014) 

For anyone who missed Rhys appearing as a film director in "Death in Paradise" you can see it repeated on BBC 1 UK Monday Aug 11th at 9.00pm

(Updated 05/08/2014)


 We have a little up date from Rhys, he is currently working on "Brian Pern 2".

(Updated 28/07/2014)


A Bit more news on Brian Pern Via The Velvet Onion... Follow this link ...

"The Return of Brian Pern" 

 (Updated 09/05/2014)  

 And even more news......... Spoof Rock Star Brian Pern gets a second series after "Life of Rock".

Simon Day's rockumentary moves to BBC2 from BBC4,  Follow this link for more details...


Spoof rock star Brian Pern gets a second series after 'The Life Of Rock'

Spoof rock star Brian Pern gets a second series after 'The Life Of Rock'

 Hi Guys,

It's been a while but we have an update from Rhys...

All good. He is about to be seen in Harry and Paul's History of the 2s on BBC Two - a spoof history of BBC2 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary. Plus a special Fast Show on BBC 2....

If you missed any of Brian Pern, here a short clip on YouTube with Tom Jones.. just follow this link

"Tom Jones taken from Life of Rock with Brian Pern (BBC) " 

 (Updated 07/05/2014) 

 Yes folks here is a little update from Rhys....

He will know soon (if another series will get the go-ahead of Brian Pern), working on a new special with Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse.

 Writing things xx

Yes we did say it was a little update 

 (Updated 07/03/2014)

Hope you all enjoyed "Life of Rock with Brian Perm" ...Anyone want to hear some more Brian Pern, well pop over to I-Tunes and you can even buy the album, just follow this link....

"Brian Pern" 

 (Updated 24/02/2014)

 Yes Everyone Tonights the last episode of "The Life of Rock With Brian Pern" so don't forget to tune in - BBC4 10:00 to 10:30

 Photo: The final part of The Life of Rock with Brian Pern, written, produced and directed by yours truly tonight at 10 on BBC Four starring Simon Day. Look out for Paul Whitehouse, Noel Edmonds, Roger Taylor, Al Murray, Reeves and Mortimer and the one and only Peter Gabriel!

 (Updated 24/02/2014)

 Don't forget Rhys Fans to watch "The Life of Rock with Brian Pern" Starts Monday Feb 10 BBC4 10:00  to 10:30pm

"The Life Of Rock With Brian Pern"

 "Prog Comedy Comes To BBC4 - Featuring Rick Wakeman and Peter Gabriel!"

 "The Life of Rock Starts Tonight"


 © BBC

(Updated 10/02/2014)


Here are some articles you may want to have a read, just follow these links....

"Mackenzie Crook, Rhys Thomas to star in new BBC Four comedies"

"The Life Of Rock With Brian Pern" 

  (Updated 31/01/2014)

Here is a little article for Death in Paradise, follow this link...

"Death in Paradise" 

Susie (Hannah Tointon), Carl (Rhys Thomas) in a scene from Death In Paradise.  Picture: BBC/Red Planet Pictures/Denis Guyenon  (Updated 20/01/2014)

 Hi Folks, we have an update from Rhys...

He has Just finished Brian Pern which starts the week of Feb 10th. 3 episodes on BBC 4 then onto writing his Channel 4 pilot, he is so busy...  

 You can also catch Rhys on TV, BBC1 Tuesday January 21st "Death in Paradise"

Follow this link for the full programme details "Death in Paradise" 

(Updated 15/01/2014)

Yes, guys, here is some footage of Rhys receiving his award, he is a little bit excited, you may be able to tell, well done and lets hope the footage stays... 

 (Updated 27/11/2013) 

 Yes Folks Rhys won an Emmy Award, well done.... read on...

Rhys Thomas and Sheridan Smith were flying the flag for Britain at the annual Emmy Awards at the Hilton Hotel in New York 25 November.

Spectacular ensembles

The British stars looked spectacular for the event. Freddie Mercury documentary maker Rhys Thomas, who shared the award for arts programming with South Korea's Hello?! Orchestra, sported a black suit and tie and just the right amont of manly stubble.

Sheridan also looked amazing in her textured black frock. The star was nominated for the Best Actress award for her role as Ronnie Biggs' wife in the ITV1 series, Mrs Biggs, but unfortunately lost out to Brazilian actress, Fernanda Montenegro . She might not have won but she definitely stole the show. She looked every bit the sixties sweetheart with her golden bouffant and catflick eyeliner.

Sheridan is no stranger to showbiz ceremonies. She has already bagged a BAFTA for her portrayal of the train robber's wife and two Laurence Olivier Awards for her roles in the West End.

The Emmys are often dominated by British winners, but this year the gongs were spread out to showbiz stars from across the globe.

Writer and director, J.J. Abrams was commended with the prestigious honorary International Emmy Founders award for his work on TV shows including; Lost and Alias.

"I feel genuinely grateful", he told the audience during his acceptance speech. "It's a privilege to work in the television medium."

Sean Bean also bagged his first ever trophy. The British actor was dubbed Best International Actor for his role as a transvestite in the BBC One drama series Accused.

British comedy, Moone Boy, which aired on Sky One, earned the Brits another gong at the ceremony. "Even in the wildest imaginations of our imaginary friends we never imagined we'd win an International Emmy", said Chris O'Dowd, who co-wrote and starred in the sitcom.

A dazzling night with some serious star style, we're looking forward to next year already. 

 Full article links are below.

 "Sheridan Smith and Rhys Thomas do star style at the Emmy Awards"

 "Rhys Thomas looking dapper at the 41st International Emmy Awards at the Hilton New York,..."

 <span />Rhys Thomas looking dapper at the 41st International Emmy Awards at the Hilton New York, on 25 November, 2013. </span>

 This article is taken from The Velvet Onion site, see link below ....

We mentioned a few weeks ago that both Chris O'Dowd and Rhys Thomas were nominated for International Emmy Awards, and we are pleased to announce that the 41st International Emmy Awards took place yesterday at the New York Hilton and there were some TVO faces there to accept awards!

Rhys Thomas's Freddie Mercury: The Great Pretender tied with Hello?! Orchestra to win the Best Arts Programming award. His documentary focusing on Queen's Freddy Mercury and the solo projects he worked on outside of Queen, has already won a Rose d'Or award this year.

Moone Boy co-written by and starring Chris O'Dowd won the Best Comedy award, fighting off challengers from Brazil, France and South Africa. The second series of the comedy about 11-year old Martin Moone, growing up in a small town in Ireland is soon to appear on Sky 1.

Sean Bean also won Best Performance by an Actor for Accused. to see a full list of winners click here.

As always, if you have missed either of these gems, the Emmy Award winning Moone Boy and the Emmy Award winning The Great Pretender, are available now from The Velvet Onion Amazon Store


 "Emmys For Chris & Rhys"

 (Updated 26/11/2013)

 Rhys Thomas, Dr Who (sort of) and The Velvet Onion.... read on.... or just follow this link... "The Velvet Onion"

Rhys(ish) Thomas In Doctor Who… Sort Of!



You'd have to have been living under a rock in a space-quarry within driving distance of Cardiff not to know that this weekend was the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who - with its anniversary special, The Day Of The Doctor, being broadcast simultaneously in 94 countries, making a new Guinness World Record into the bargain.

We at TVO are all huge fans of the show, and are eagerly awaiting Peter Capaldi's debut proper next year, which will be directed by our very own Ben Wheatley.  Yet in the middle of all the celebrations last night, there was a brief cameo from another regular layer of Onion Land.

Former Doctor actor Peter Davison hooked up with fellow Doctors Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy for a star-studded half-hour comedy special which aired on the red-button after the anniversary special proper, entitled The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot.

This real Who's Who of Doctor Who saw a fictional version of the trio trying their hardest to sneak themselves into the main special, managing to break onto the set and be mistaken for extras.  Along the way, they were joined by the likes of Matt Smith, David Tennant, Paul McGann, Jenna Coleman and a whole cavalcade of past companions.

There were also appearances from a smattering of celebrity fans, though to say any more would spoil the fun, and you should watch the show immediately.

However, we have to say, there was a scene early on in which Davison was listening to the radio, and the DJ was discussing the 50th anniversary with rather familiar tones.  We, naturally, did a little digging, and confirmed that it was in fact, our very own Rhys Thomas!

 (Updated 25/11/2013)

 We were saddened to hear that Felix Dexter passed away in October, Felix appeared in many programmes with Rhys including Down the Line and Bellamy's people

 Here is just one of the news articles that picked up his passing.. 

Felix Dexter's Passing

 (Updated 24/11/2013)

 Hi folks, It's been a few weeks so here is a little update....  

Rhys is really busy working and writing Brian Pern, due to be screened in the UK, sometime around Jan 2014 (when we know more we will let you all know). 

He and Tony Way had time to put together a double Podcast, you can hear their latest antics, just follow this link, think you will all like these two (Podcast 19 and 20). 

 "Thomas & Way Podcast"

 (Updated 18/11/2013)

Anyone remember "The Great Pretender" documentary about late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, well Rhys has been nominated for an Emmy, read on, or follow the link for more info or even pop over to The Queen Page.....


Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, has been nominated for an International Emmy Award. The film was released last fall on DVD and Blu-ray.


The Rhys Thomas-produced feature has a nomination in the Arts Programming category; winners will be announced at the 41st International Emmy Awards Gala in New York on November 25.

Life-long Queen fan and expert, Thomas turned his attention to the Freddie archive, going back as early as 1976 in search of vintage gems which reveal more than ever before the inside story of Freddie's life and career and the solo projects he worked on outside of Queen.  

Freddie Mercury Film Nominated For Int'l Emmy

 (Updated 11/10/2013)

 Anyone fancy a little laugh, take a look at this 13 min clip from Brian Pern.... A compilation of some of the Brian Pern sketches released online by the BBC in 2009/10. Now to be turned into a major TV show for BBC 4. Written by Rhys Thomas and Simon Day. Starring Simon...

(Warning some of this clip may contain bad language)

"Brian Pern" 

 (Updated 28/08/2013)


Brian Pern is coming to BBC4...

Yes Folks Simon Day is coming to BBC4 as Brian Pern, written by Rhys Thomas, Follow this link to read more..  

"Simon Day to front rock mockumentary" 

 Also Coming to our TV Screens is a repeat of Sirens, if you liked it so much then why not watch it again on Sky E4, starting September 3rd (Please note it's on in the early hours of the morning, so check times of shows)...

  (Updated 23/08/2013)

 We have a news update from Rhys......

He is writing/directing a new series for BBC 4 - soon to be announced.  It will be on TV in January 2014.  Fosters is almost done and making Tittle Tattle for Channel 4.  He has seen some brilliant comedians/actors for that which will be a lot of fun.  Also working on another Queen related thing...

 (Updated 05/08/2013)

 If by any chance you have been living under a rock or on a desert island for the last few months you may have missed Freddie Mercury: The Great Pretender, but fear not Rhys Followers the Wonderful people at BBC4 have given us the chance to watch it all over again (Full Length - Directors Cut, 9:00pm UK, Friday July 19th) , it's even got "Pick of the Day", take a look at this link

 "Pick of the Day: Freddie Mercury: The Great Pretender"

 (Updated 19/07/2013)

Rhys Thomas Update........ He has just filmed an episode of Death In Paradise as a guest star. Due on BBC 1 in Jan 14.

Brian Pern coming to BBC 4. Working on pilot with Simon Day.

Tittle tattle , his spoof topical chat going to channel 4 and working on that plus fosters , sitcom pilot for BBC . Busy busy. Hopefully at least one will  make it to series.

Also working on a documentary about Harrison Ford for BBC. He' is Rhys's other hero (Freddie being the other ) and in early stages of that 
 (Updated 14/06/2013)

  If you haven't already heard, Straight from The Velvet Onion...

A D'or Red Roses For Rhys, Darling…  

Read on, also follow this link to WVN Music

A D'or Red Roses For Rhys, Darling…

by didymusbrush

© Queenonline

Rhys Thomas has been awarded a Rose D'or for The Arts at the 2013 Awards in Brussels, for his much acclaimed documentary Freddie Mercury: The Great Pretender.

The feature length piece which aired last Autumn, acted as both a compendium to Rhys' previous documentary Days Of Our Lives about Mercury's band Queen, and as a standalone documentary focusing on his career as a solo artist in the late 1980s before his untimely death from AIDS-related illness in 1991.

Rhys has been a Queen fanatic for over two decades (so we're sure he'll appreciate our choice of headline!), and has been working for the band since 2003 alongside his seminal comedy work.  Over the weekend, Thomas - who couldn't be at the ceremony - took to Twitter to comment on the win:

Just found out we won the Rose d'Or for my doc Freddie Mercury : The Great Pretender! Couldn't be there sadly but thanks to the team!  Here is my speech: I would like to thank Joss the co-producer, Christopher Bird the best editor in the world and Jim Beach for having faith in me but most of all Freddie Mercury. My hero. I raise a glass to him tonight and wish he was around to see it himself. Ehhh dohhh!

I would also thank Brian May and Roger Taylor for their support over the years and letting an idiot like me make programmes for them.

Amongst those singing Rhys' praises on Twitter over the weekend was our very own Noel Fielding, who attended the star-studded premiere event for the film last year alongside fellow TVO luminary Matt Berry.  Noel's comment was straight to the point: "well done mate great Freddie doc so deserve it x x x"

More than three hundred entries from more than thirty countries were submitted for the 2013 awards, so we'd like to congratulate Rhys and his team for a job well done.  Now how's about one on that fireplace-wielding, badger-saving guitar hero, eh?

The Great Pretender can be purchased on dvd and blu-ray from The Velvet Onion Amazon UK Store, alongside Rhys' previous Queen work.  You can see a trailer for the film below.

didymusbrush | June 4, 2013 at 7:56 pm | Categories: Rhys Thomas | URL:

 (Updated 05/06/2013)

We have an UPDATE from Rhys...

He is filming Death In Paradise series 3 as a guest star role with Kris Marshall, Peter Davison, Michelle Ryan.


And if you missed Down the Line on BBC Radio 4, you can listen again, just follow this link, but be quick it will be gone when the next episode is broadcast.....

"Down The Line - Listen Again" 

 (Updated 04/05/2013)

 Series Five of cult radio comedy Down The Line begins this week on Radio 4.

The show stars the legendary Rhys Thomas as DJ Gary Bellamy, hosting his usual live phone-in discussions with listeners, who just happen to be played by familiar names from classic comedy hits.

Thomas' fellow Fast Show veterans Paul Whitehouse, Charlie Higson, Simon Day and Felix Dexter are joined by Look Around You star Robert Popper, Big Train (and It's Kevin) actress Amelia Bullmore, Citizen Khan writer Adil Ray and another TVO regular (and Rhys' wife), Lucy Montgomery.

As well as four previous radio runs, the show also spun-off into the much loved, dearly missed tv series Bellamy's People in 2010, featuring the same cast.  Previous seasons of the radio show have also included other well known guest stars such as Kevin Eldon, Matt Lucas and Catherine Tate, so stay tuned to find out if any more big names turn up unannounced.

The show airs on Wednesday evening at 6:30pm on Radio 4, and will be available on iPlayer shortly after transmission.  The first three series have also been made available on cd, and whilst Series 1 is currently out of print, you can pick up Series 2 and Series 3, alongside Bellamy's People from the TVO Amazon Store now.

 (Updated 30/04/2013)




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